POVLENKA Plum brandy

A typical Serbian plum brandy with intense aroma and taste. Many generations have grown with this scent so characteristic of Serbian villages in the fall. Old plum brandy varieties, copper cauldron and fire underneath give it something of an idyllic feeling that goes best with starters.


Domestic double-distilled plum brandy
Aged for at least two years
Alcohol 45% vol.
Amber gold colour

Product description

Double distilled plum brandy, without the addition of aroma and flavour enhancers.

Povlenka plum brandy

W e recommend it with appetizers, all kinds of roast meat and all sorts of red meat.
I t combines old Serbian tradition and modern technology!

Its unique aroma is achieved by ageing in oak barrels resulting in a harmonious splendour of aroma and taste.

Smell – full and luxurious plum scent with discrete oak tones
Taste – full
Aroma – an intense fruity aroma with oak and sweet finish
Bouquet – well-balanced