Products of Zarić Distillery


Zarić Distillery has managed to combine its experience and Serbian tradition with modern technology and scientific achievements. The result is rich content of the Distillery product range and even richer flavours, aromas and sensations aroused.

“The Queen” is certainly the leader in the production program, the only rakija on the soil of Serbia with a protected geographical origin, the heir to “Povlenka” made from the best plum sorts of this region. It really has a royal taste. It is used as an aperitif, at room or maximum basement temperature. It has won many gold medals at prestigious domestic and international competitions.


Not far behind in the palette of cutting-edge technological advances. Exclusive rakija, it takes 20 kg of carefully selected healthy, ripe raspberry fruits to produce just one litre. It is made using a unique recipe and a special fermentation and distillation process to preserve the aroma of fruit to its maximum. It is served as an aperitif or at the end of a meal, cooled to not less than 15°C or basement temperature. It has been used lately as a base for refreshing cocktails.



Nirvana has a luxurious aroma and taste; it is made from a highly ranked pear sort, Williams pear, containing a high percentage of sugar and very little acid. Aromatic brandy, the production of one bottle requires 8-10 kg of carefully selected and harvested Williams pears. Washed and dried, they are kept in a separate room for 2-3 weeks, in the process of ripening, where the sugar level increases. It is served chilled up to 15°C.


Honey is brandy made from honey, propolis and milk added to the basis of plum rakija. It is served at room temperature, as an aperitif or at the end of a meal; it is a perfect match for fruit desserts and chocolate cakes.


Quince rakija, light yellow in colour, with perfect aroma. Made from selected fruits of ripe, fragrant quince.


Brandy made from ripe  “Požegača” plums (Damson variety), “Trnovača” and “Crvena Ranka”. It has a special taste, which is carefully guarded by original technology and ageing in oak casks.
It is served as an aperitif, at room temperature with heavier appetizers, but also at the end of a meal, with aromatic desserts.


Cherry liqueur, top quality and taste.


The famous rakija of Kosjerić region, a soft plum brandy distilled with juniper berries. Rakija with medicinal use which can also be used as an aperitif, at room temperature, with
saltier appetizers of a stronger flavour. But at the end of the meal, it is a perfect match for walnut cookies. Ageing in oak barrels gives it a dark, clear colour.

Packaging and Design

All rakijas have elegant packaging of Italian design, suited to the highest demands of the domestic and world markets.